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World's most efficient high frequency chargers

World's first to become CEC Compliant

ECO Charge XHF Series Chargers The XHF charger technology developed by Enatel Motive Power for its charger modules is not just normal high frequency (HF) switching which usually occurs at 25 - 50kHz but is eXtra High Frequency (XHF) switching at up to 250 kHz.

This means that the power is converted at a much higher frequency allowing the transformers and other filtering components to be much smaller and more efficient. This also means that the microprocessor control circuitry can regulate the output much more closely giving tighter control of charge voltages and a reduction in ripple currents which increase battery life.

  • World's first to become CEC Compliant

  • World's most efficient high frequency battery charger

  • Enatel Motive Power
  • Over 67% Lighter

  • 70% Smaller Foot Print

  • High Reliability - Scalable Modular power

  • 0.99 Power Factor Multi-Voltage, Amp Hour & Programmable profiles

  • Intelligent Computer Software

  • International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses
  • Wireless Capabilities

  • Save on Power Costs - High Efficiency up to 95%

  • Battery Manufacturer Compliant

  • Programmable Profiles

  • Enatel ECO Charge Modules

    MODULAR : The modular nature of the charger means that in the unlikely event that one of the charger module fails, the remaining modules will still continue to charge the battery albeit at a slower rate, but this means that you will still be able to operate your truck. Replacing a faulty module can be done quickly and easily in a few minutes and means that the charger system can be up and running without delay.

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